Making Money Selling On eBay

Many people who started selling on eBay eventually turned it into their full-time business. It is possible for everyone to build a profitable business by selling stuff on eBay. Selling on eBay can be a good way to start a new business if you’re willing to put in the time and energy needed to make the business a success. Here are some people who tried their luck on eBay and succeeded in more ways than they had imagined.

ARCHIV: Ein Logo am Hauptsitz des Internet-Auktionshauses Ebay, aufgenommen in Kleinmachnow bei Berlin (Foto vom 18.03.03). Mit ueberraschend guten Geschaeftszahlen im vierten Quartal hat Ebay die Erwartungen von Branchenanalysten uebertroffen und ein wirtschaftliches Rekordjahr abgerundet. Der Gewinn des Betreibers des Online-Auktionshauses und des Bezahldienstes PayPal belief sich von Oktober bis Dezember auf 757 Millionen Dollar (570 Millionen Euro) oder 57 Cent pro Aktie, wie das Unternehmen am Mittwoch (16.01.13) mitteilte. (zu dapd-Text) Foto: Robert Michael/dapd

Mark Radcliffe started business over ten years ago and never expected to be UK’s first eBay millionaire. When he was still starting out, his parent’s home was his office and their garden shed was his stock room. Later on, his little eBay shop became a big success. His shop now sells everything from mobile phone accessories to protein supplements.

His monthly orders of more or less 36,000 made him the largest eBay trader in all of Britain and the sixth largest in the world. He now owns a £700,000 home with a £150,000 Ferrari and a £118,000 Aston Martin in its garage.

Another successful eBay seller is Wanda Silva, owner of the My Silver Toe eBay Store. Her eBay life started back in March 2002. As part of the casualties, she decided to stay home with her son instead of looking for a new job. She stumbled upon eBay while looking for ways to save money by using coupons.

After buying a couple of things on eBay, she thought “Hey, I bet I can sell something too”. In August 2002, she listed her son’s winter coat and sold it for almost $20. After this, she was totally hooked. After running out of things to sell, she started shopping various stores for clearance stuff and it sold pretty well. Now she found a great supplier for garden flags and continued to list home decorative items.

Another successful eBay store owner is Allen Brigham owner of AB Restaurant Supply eBay Store. Brigham have been selling on eBay for over two years now. He started when a friend’s son was looking through some of his old Video Games and told him how much they were worth on eBay. He first did not believe that his old junk was worth that much so he did a little research. To his surprise, it was really worth that much. After cleaning out his house on eBay for four months, he came across a friend who owns a local Restaurant Supply. The next thing he knew, he was in the Restaurant Supply Business.

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These are just a few stories that hopefully will inspire you to start up your own eBay business. You can literally earn a few dollars to millions of dollars using eBay and the possibilities of what to sell through the auction site are endless. If you want to start making money on Ebay and have problems with registration, you can find eBay contact number here and call them to solve all problems. Good luck!…

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Easy Auction Business Review PART 2

With the Product Sourcing module Andrew leaves no stone unturned, as he explains in great detail a whole host of different methods of sourcing great products to sell on eBay. He talks in detail about wholesalers, drop shippers, buying from China (and how to avoid being scammed), as well as coming up with a number of other ‘tricks’ to find products. Every aspect is covered, including some excellent information on how you can buy unbranded products and put your own branding on them. I was amazed at the amount of quality content in this module, of which there is 108 minutes worth! Andrew is not shy of sharing any of his supplier information and other websites that will help you in your quest for success.


All of the other modules continue with the same high quality of priceless information. The listings module explains how important it is to make your eBay listings look professional and how to go about it, giving examples of good and bad listings, whilst the Customer Relationships module explains how you should communicate with your customers and build trust. The Marketing module contains a huge amount of information on how to promote your product and ‘brand’ and generate even more sales. It also touches on driving traffic from eBay to an existing website, should you have one, where you can generate more sales without having to pay the eBay fees.

Andrew concludes his course explaining the bonuses that you are entitled to, free of charge, as well as a ‘pep-talk’, goal setting and plan of action for you. The bonuses that he offers are fantastic and include a free one hour live one-to-one chat session with the man himself. I would recommend that you use this wisely and watch the course through at least twice before the chat, and make sure you write down anything you are unsure on whilst you are watching. You can then have these points to hand during the chat making the most of the time you have. You also get a free membership to Andrew’s other business Spicy Auction Templates, where you will be able to use free professional looking eBay templates free of charge. So, is EAB worth the £67 fee? Without any doubt, this is the best eBay course available at the moment. There is a huge amount of information in this course and, should you follow it all through as explained, there is no reason why you cannot become a successful eBay seller. Andrew’s business knowledge alone is worth more than the fee he is asking, however the fact that you also get all of his resources for market research, product sourcing, listing templates, marketing secrets, as well as a free one hour chat, free membership to his auction template website and a 60 day money back guarantee, then this course in my opinion is a no brainer and a must purchase!


Like all businesses, you need to take action in order the get results. This is a course on how to build a genuine sustainable business and is not a way of earning quick cash. You will need to invest a small amount of money for stock etc, however as Andrew explains this can be as little or as much as you like. The key is to follow the Easy Auction Business course by the book and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve…

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Easy Auction Business Review

The Easy Auction Business course, or EAB as it is also known, is a video course that has been put together by Andrew Minalto to help people become successful sellers on eBay. Andrew has been selling on eBay for over 5 years now and runs a number of profitable online businesses. He is also an active member in many online forums and has a good reputation to helping people setup and run new businesses. The big question however, is whether EAB is a course that can really help you become a successful eBay seller, therefore we decided to put it through its paces.


The first thing that did surprise me was that EAB is actually a physical product delivered to your door on a CD. So many courses these days are online only therefore it was nice to get a copy in the post that I can then watch offline in my own time without the need for an internet connection. This I thought was a nice touch. The overall quality is also excellent with the videos being clear and the voice over sounding very professional.The course itself is split into a number of different sections, which are presented to you via a menu system when the CD is first loaded. This menu clearly displays each module and the great thing is that you can select any module you want from the menu, so once you have watched the entire course you can easily click on a particular module should you wish to recap on certain areas of the course. The modules are as follows :
1. Market Research
2. Product Sourcing
3. Branding
4. Listings
5. Customer Relationships
6. Marketing
Bonus Page

As you can see by the headings, the course is structured in a logical way enabling you to go through all the correct procedures to ensure you are given every chance to be a success.

In the introduction Andrew makes the point of explaining about himself and then does a great job of telling you why now is the time to look at starting your own business from home, and why eBay is the perfect platform. For me, one of the most helpful parts of the introduction was when Andrew dispels some of the myths that surrounds selling on eBay. Myths such as you have to be the cheapest seller in your niche to make any money or only certain items sell on eBay. Andrew tackles these points, and more, head on and really gives you the confidence to proceed without any reservations.

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The Market Research module explains exactly the steps to go through to find a product that is in demand and is currently selling, as well as if you are able to compete. Andrew walks you through step by step and also introduces you to tools such as Terapeak. Everything is explained clearly to ensure that you follow everything he is saying and what I did like about this module was that it goes to show just how much thought should go into choosing a product. Many of us just start selling a product that we like ourselves without checking out any of the competition etc, which is so important. In fact, when Andrew is walking you through this you do get a feeling of realisation as to why many people fail on eBay, due to them not carrying out this step.

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