Easy Auction Business Review PART 2

With the Product Sourcing module Andrew leaves no stone unturned, as he explains in great detail a whole host of different methods of sourcing great products to sell on eBay. He talks in detail about wholesalers, drop shippers, buying from China (and how to avoid being scammed), as well as coming up with a number of other ‘tricks’ to find products. Every aspect is covered, including some excellent information on how you can buy unbranded products and put your own branding on them. I was amazed at the amount of quality content in this module, of which there is 108 minutes worth! Andrew is not shy of sharing any of his supplier information and other websites that will help you in your quest for success.


All of the other modules continue with the same high quality of priceless information. The listings module explains how important it is to make your eBay listings look professional and how to go about it, giving examples of good and bad listings, whilst the Customer Relationships module explains how you should communicate with your customers and build trust. The Marketing module contains a huge amount of information on how to promote your product and ‘brand’ and generate even more sales. It also touches on driving traffic from eBay to an existing website, should you have one, where you can generate more sales without having to pay the eBay fees.

Andrew concludes his course explaining the bonuses that you are entitled to, free of charge, as well as a ‘pep-talk’, goal setting and plan of action for you. The bonuses that he offers are fantastic and include a free one hour live one-to-one chat session with the man himself. I would recommend that you use this wisely and watch the course through at least twice before the chat, and make sure you write down anything you are unsure on whilst you are watching. You can then have these points to hand during the chat making the most of the time you have. You also get a free membership to Andrew’s other business Spicy Auction Templates, where you will be able to use free professional looking eBay templates free of charge. So, is EAB worth the £67 fee? Without any doubt, this is the best eBay course available at the moment. There is a huge amount of information in this course and, should you follow it all through as explained, there is no reason why you cannot become a successful eBay seller. Andrew’s business knowledge alone is worth more than the fee he is asking, however the fact that you also get all of his resources for market research, product sourcing, listing templates, marketing secrets, as well as a free one hour chat, free membership to his auction template website and a 60 day money back guarantee, then this course in my opinion is a no brainer and a must purchase!


Like all businesses, you need to take action in order the get results. This is a course on how to build a genuine sustainable business and is not a way of earning quick cash. You will need to invest a small amount of money for stock etc, however as Andrew explains this can be as little or as much as you like. The key is to follow the Easy Auction Business course by the book and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

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